Sunday Celebration

03/11/2018 - Topic: Awakening to the Truth
Speaker/Spark: Ken Jablonski

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Ken Jablonski

Awakening to the Truth
Ken will speak about awakening to the truth of Who you are and why you are here. Also, going down the rabbit hole to explore the nature of this reality and others. He will touch on "The Matrix", Duality Illusion, Past Lives, Soul Journey, Time-lines, Free will, Authenticity and Re-Programming our minds to Align with Heart and our original Blueprint.

About Ken: 
A seeker of Divine Universal Truth of who we are and why we are here. Ken's journey encompasses being a 30 year recovering alcoholic, Reiki Master 2001, Re-connection Healer 2015, Qi Gong practitioner, published author - A Letter of Love and successfully navigating Corporate America for 33 years. My life has been blessed by many miracles and insights that I love to share in order to help others Awaken to their own Divinity.

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Every Sunday from 10am to 12pm
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This unique, nondenominational celebration offers an open, loving environment for finding inner peace, inviting everyone to express their spirituality in a joyful, serene and accepting atmosphere. Here is a sample program you can download:

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